Adventure Scholars


Emmy Bright has recently finished school and has begun to enjoy Detroit. She’s working on her masterpiece-a Thesis Deck which allows her to tell stories without worrying about order or making sense. She also does woo-woo readings from the deck which helps others make sense out of nonsense.

Emmy comes to the Adventure School for Ladies: Detroit Invitational excited to work with badass Ladydrawers, Finns, Chicagoans, and Detroitites on comics, number crunching, and figuring out how to figure things out.



Verna Kuutti grew up in the suburbs of Helsinki, where she quickly tired of an ordinary career in the media industry and turned to Tropical Island Art School instead. Now she teaches comics and organizes others around comics. She is currently working on her masterpiece about Finnish women wrestlers in the beginning of the 20th Century.

She came to the Adventure School for Ladies: Detroit Invitational by accident and offers her translation, drawing, and serious jiu jitsu skills to the project.



Sheika Lugtu first wanted to be an elephant. When she moved to the US at 16 she focused first on photojournalism, then came to comics at SAIC when she began working with AEM and never stopped. She is currently between masterpieces, having recently finished her thesis on Asian-American representations in comics.

Sheika was drawn to the Adventure School for Ladies by hints, rumors, and speculations about a cat mural, her enthusiasm for Finns, and AEM’s new neighbors. She’s superexcited about compiling international data on economic freedoms in the comics industry and explaining it visually.



Anne Elizabeth Moore is the founder and cohabitant of CATROIT, MICHIGAN, where she hosts experimental, all-ages graduate schools, minds stumps, befriends neighbors, reads, writes, and schemes big. She was officially inducted as a Detroit resident at the annual Marshmallow Drop and Safety Fair. In her spare time, she practices husbanding herself and helps others to do the same.

AEM has long been an instigating member of The Ladydrawers Comics Collective in Chicago, Detroit, and internationally. She’s here to crunch data, collaborate with rad folks, and help make the good work happen.



Johanna (“Roju”) Rojola was really really really happy all her life until she went to school. She is now a full time teacher.

Roju comes to the Adventure School for Ladies: Detroit Invitational to help understand and articulate the world and its systems through applied comics. She also works with World Comics Finland to support this work where she helps communities tell their own stories.



Emmi Valve grew up outside of Helsinki in a massive family where she drew ponies and Frida Kahlo pretty much constantly. She now travels, draws the forthcoming book Mercy (AKA Shit, Piss, and Vomit) and The Bang Bangs and returns home to regale local drunks with stories of her international adventures. In turn, they keep her posted about 1970’s rock music.

Roju told Emmi to come to the Adventure School and she resisted, citing “no money” as the reason. Roju said she had no money either. They both decided to come anyway.